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Axis Group

The Axis Group is the Nation’s largest PEO MGA supporting over 1000 P&C agents across the country and representing more than 100 PEOs. We specialize in alternative work comp solutions provided through our platform of qualified PEOs and made available to P&C agencies across the country for the risk challenged clients.

The PEO supports the client in risk management and provides workers comp through their master policy on a NO Deposit, No Audit, pay as you go basis which is beneficial to a cash flow challenged business. Providing payroll and HR support is another important component and added value of the PEO solution.

The Axis Group streamlines PEO selection with our proprietary process to ensure more approvals from qualified PEOs that have an appetite for the designated client risk. We support the enrollment and on-boarding process so agents and brokers can focus on more clients. Let us be your back office so you can earn more revenue by closing more business!



HR Shield

HR Shield is a unique human resource support service for small to mid-size companies providing immediate access to licensed HR professionals to help answer any HR related questions or address any HR issues from a dedicated HR advisor.

Even HR Managers can have a hard time keeping up with thousands of changing federal and state regulations, not to mention juggling exit interviews, maintaining clear policies and procedures and keeping workplace discrimination in check. HR Shield experts stay up-to-date with these changing regulations so you can focus on growing your business.

Get instant access to employment forms, training videos, HR presentations, talent assessment tools, background screening services and HR advice on everything from unemployment compensation and employment discrimination laws to personnel management and the Family Medical Leave Act. HR Shield is your one-stop resource for everything HR and priced so affordable it pays for itself!


PEOAdv-FinalLogoPEO Advantage

PEO Advantage is the business owners go-to resource for FREE competitive PEO quotes from qualified PEOs. With over 700 PEOs across the country and each having a different risk tolerance and industry expertise; PEO Advantage takes the guesswork out of the selections process and provides easy to read PEO comparisons so business owners can make an informed decision.

PEO Advantage works with organizations through every step of the process from the initial evaluation and data collection all the way through the implementation. Although once the right PEO is selected there is no reason to leave a solid “strategic partner” but we perform at minimum an annual review to make sure service and price levels are being met. If not, we work in conjunction with the PEO and business owner to fix the issue and resolve the problem.

We have experienced a 98% retention rate and consistently save our clients 25% on administrative costs over the competition. We believe in our partnerships and wholesale pricing so much that if a client finds another employee leasing company that offers better coverage and rates than our platform of providers we give the employer $100 cash!