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wIn October of 2006 Patrick Moraites and Ryan DeJong moved to Tampa, from Detroit, while working for a wholesale mortgage lender. Shortly after getting settled and meeting the new team Patrick and Ryan found out the Tampa operations center was being shut down and all activity was to be rerouted through Fort Lauderdale. After watching over 200 people get laid off without notice or concern for the well being of their family Patrick and Ryan decided they wanted to take control of their career path and be in a position to create jobs and help people and not watch people fall victim to a mismanaged business. Three months later and several meetings at the local Starbucks FIRM Consulting Group was formed.

There have been many lessons learned since the conception of the company in 2007, which was arguably the worst time in our Nation’s history to start a business. Despite the economic environment the team knew if they could persevere through the downturn and survive the original goal of creating jobs and opportunities for others could be fulfilled.

Today FIRM Consulting Group and its subsidiaries work with over 1000 referral partners and organizations, 150 vendors and service providers and supports over 750 client companies across the country and has helped raise in excess of $500,000 for local area charities and non-profits.

The team hasn’t achieved all of their goals they have set out to accomplish, but they are off to a pretty good start!